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2010-2011 Senior Athlet of the Year

2010-2011 Senior Athlete of the Year

Cody Freeman

Cody Freeman

Baseball #29, Hometown: Collinsville, MS

Career Highlights

In the Spring of 2011, MSU fans voted on which Senior Athlete that they felt best exemplified the characteristics of being True Maroon throughout their career. The student body and fans alike casted over 2,000 votes and the winner was announced at the 2011 Spring Football Scrimmage. The 2010-2011 True Maroon Senior Athlete of the Year is Cody Freeman!

Look for the 2011-2012 ballot in Spring 2012 and make sure you cast your vote for the True Maroon Senior Athlete of the Year!

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Student’s wearing True Maroon T-Shirts.

Wherever you might travel to, take along your True Maroon shirt and take a picture wearing it at your destination. You can submit your picture by attaching it to an email message and sending it to info@sa.msstate.edu. Your pictures will be displayed in our photo gallery. Each month, we will select a winner and you will be awarded with a True Maroon prize.

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2011-2012 "Wrap it in Maroon and White" is True Maroon

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SHOW YOUR TRUE MAROON by purchasing the 2011-2012 True Maroon shirt commemorating the "Wrap it in Maroon and White" campaign. These shirts are now available online and at select Adidas retailers around the state. A portion of each shirt goes to benefit the United Way.

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